Monday, January 2, 2012

Hormel Italian Sausage Crumbles

I planned on ordering pizza for the family tonight, so I had to stop by the store to get ingredients to make a gluten free pizza for Brittany.  Until now she has been a pepperoni fan, but I found another quick and easy option that labeled itself gluten free right on the package.  We even used it to make a quick omlet the next day.  It was locatd next to the pepperoni's at my store.  It sure made for a convenient way to change things up a bit.

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  1. Thanks for being out there! I am gluten free due to celiac and I got diagnosed when I was 7 too. I am now 8. I was trying to find out if lip smackers are gluten free, and found out on your blog. Thanks. I just found out Bath and Body has wheat proteins, and had to give up all of my little soaps. C