Sunday, April 1, 2012

Udi's bread at Sam's Club

Update 6-1-12........
And it's now gone. That was short lived. Sam's is no longer carrying Udi's bread. So bummed! We have asked repeatedly for them to bring it back, but for now it is gone.


This is amazing news!  Sam's Club here in Utah have started carrying large loaves of Udi's bread.  This is such timely news for us as another member of our family is being diagnosed with Celiac.  We are faithful user's of Udi's products as we love the quality and taste far more than any other gluten free bread we have tried. 

I remember being so excited to find Udi's bread in my nearby Smith's grocery store.  It has been so convenient to pick up hamburger buns, loaves of bread and pizza shells any day of the week at a store I already shop at.  But this news of Sam's Club carrying a bigger loaf has me grinning ear to ear!  I usually pay $5.99 for the small loaf of Udi's at Smith's so you can imagine the value of getting this larger loaf for $9.99.  It is more than twice the size, so it is by far a better value.  And who wouldn't want a bigger slice of bread.  These loaves are so much bigger.  You can see in this side by side picture.  Sam's Club seems to only carry the Whole grain flavor at the time.  (Is it crazy that I am hoping Costco will pick up their classic white bread so we can have that at a better deal too?) 

Anyone who pays the arm-and-a-leg for this bread will get a giggle out of this.  When my husband went to pay for the bread the cashier wanted to do a price check.  She couldn't believe a loaf a bread would cost $9.99.  He he.  And yet we are still talking about what a great deal it was:)

And just in case you had never noticed, Sam's Club also labels their Rotisserie Chicken Gluten free as well!


  1. I'm so glad you were able to find our larger loaves at your local Sam's Club! Currently, we are only selling the larger whole grain. If that changes, I will be sure to let you know!

  2. Order your Udi's bread directly from Udi's. It is cheaper by the case even with delivery charges.