Friday, July 30, 2010

Lip Smackers - NOT gluten-free!

Brittany has enjoyed these chapsticks for years and yet, I am just now realizing that they are not okay.  She has always had a stash of about a dozen lip smackers at any time.  So I contacted the company directly and this was their response:

Dear Jenny:

Thank you for your recent inquiry to Aspire Brands/The Bonne Bell Company. We are always glad to hear from our customers, and we want to help you in any way possible.

The following Aspire Brands/The Bonne Bell Company, products can be used by people afflicted with Celiac disease. They do not contain any gluten containting grains: wheat, barley, rye, oats, amaranth, teff, millet, spelt, and quinoa.

 10-0-6 Lotions
 All Colognes
 Lip Lites Sponge On
 Sponge-On Sparklers
 Shower 2000
 Eye Shades
 Nail Lacquers
 Cosmic Cheeks
 Lash Tints
 Glimmer Gels
 Glitz N Glo

 Liquid Lines
 Pressed Powders
 Lip Burst
 Lip Frosting
 Lip Shake
 All Mascara
 Gel Bronze
 Glimmer Bronze
 Lip Glam
 Face and Body Sparkle
 Liquid Lip Smackers
 Skittles Liquid Lip Smackers
 Eye Pencils and Definers
 Sponge on Glitter Gloss
 Lip D’Votions
 All Clic It Colors
 Glimmer Lights
 Liquid Star Shine
 Lip Definer
 All Vita Gloss Balms and Sponge On
 Blushing Gels
 All Loose Powders
 Cream Concealer
 Jello Lip Balms
 Kiss This Gloss
 All Squeezy Lip Smackers (Clears and Shimmers)
 All Rolly Smackers
 F’Lip Juicees
 Get Glowin’ Eye and Face
 Ice Creamies Sponge On
 Dazzle Dust
 Kiss of Color
 S’ Whirly Shimmer Gloss
 All Vitamin Water Lip Balms and Rolly’s


Original Lip Smackers
Sun Smackers (Including Clip N Go)
Megastar Lip Smackers
Kool Aid Lip Smackers
F’lip Styles
F’lip Glosses
Lip Lites Glossy Tints Balms
M&M Lip Smacker Balms (New Formula with Castor Oil)
Dasani Balms
Pinky Lip Smackers Balms
Skittles Lip Balms (New Formula with Castor Oil)
DPSU Lip Smackers
All Starburst Lip Balms
Color Kiss Lip Balms
Lip Smackers w/SPF

We are always interested in trying to please our customers. We hope that you will continue to enjoy all of our products and again thank you for contacting us.
Paul J Breha
R&D Chemist
Aspire Brands/The Bonne Bell Company

What a bummer!  So I think we will just be sticking to a new favorite that I love...


  1. Now I know what has been causing the I didn't think to check it out, I am or was a Lipsmacker addict...

  2. I appreciate your comment today. My younger daughter with Celiac has had a red rash around her lips after buying a new chapstick several days ago. It is not the lipsmacker brand but reminded me to read the ingredients. You can never be to relaxed even about the products you put on your body.