Monday, August 23, 2010

Asian Helper

I was so exited to find these Gluten Free Asian Helper on the grocery store shelf today.  I wasn't even looking for it and it seemed to just jump right out at me.  Of course I loved seeing a Gluten Free label on the front of the box, but you cannot beat the price either. 
We usually buy the Mrs Leepers brand of gluten free Hamburger helper type dinners, but they are about 4 times more expensive than this.  I had to gather up a few coupons to score an even better deal on these boxes but I feel like even at 89 cents a box, it is a quick and inexpensive dinner. 
I am hoping to try one of these flavors tonight and will post a review on it.  The are both fried rice, one calling for chicken, the other for beef.  I must say that I enjoy making home-made fried rice, but we are talking convenience here.  And being that I work a couple nights a week, this might be a great option for my husband to make the kids for dinner. 

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