Sunday, August 29, 2010

Asian Helper

So I put my husband up to the task of trying out this new product.  This Asian Helper called for ground beef which I thought was a bit odd of a combination.  Beef Fried Rice?  Well the verdict is in.....they loved it!  Even though it required a little more effort by adding in eggs at the end of cooking, my husband was quite capable of making this meal.  Both he and the kids said it tasted really good.  Phew!  Because I bought 12 boxes when it was on sale!  I walked by that aisle at the grocery store last night and noticed that there were plenty more boxes restocked on the shelf.  Yay for Betty Crocker making my life easier at a price I can feed the whole family!  (Or I should say my husbands life on nights that I am at work). 

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