Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yes, this is what a half eaten Double Double Protein style burger looks like.  YUMMY!  Just be sure to ask for your burger "Protein style" (with out the bun).  I contacted In-n-out on their website and received a prompt phone call back.  Talk about good customer service.  They said ordering it Protein style is the way to go.  The spread is also gluten free.  So eat up!

 We are lucky enough to have an In-n-out within 2 miles from our home.  The ingredients are fresh.  Even the fries are cut immediately before frying in a dedicated fryer.  We have eaten here many times and have had no trouble's, except the super long line.  But hey, its worth the wait!  The secret menu is full of fun extras that you don't find on their menu.  I'm thinking these "Animal style" fries would be fantastic!

An "animal style" fry comes with
2 slices of melted cheese,
spread, and grilled onions on top.


  1. Yum, it's a good thing for me there isn't an In-N-Out Burger where I live, LOL! :-D

  2. Thank you thank you for all the new ideas! I love it and sooo need the help!

  3. I just found your blog and i'm loving it!! You have awesome ideas and i'm so excited to try new things. Thanks so much!