Thursday, April 29, 2010


We are often asked what we do for Brittany for the sacrament. We are LDS and bread is passed as part of the sacrament service. Of course it is not gluten free, but we still want her to be able to participate. I found some small condiment cups with lids at the party store. I break up a roll (In a pinch I've even used a waffle) and fill up a dozen cups at a time then stick them in the freezer. On a good Sunday morning we actually remember to grab a cup to take with us to church.

We try to sit in about the same bench each week so the deacons passing the sacrament can easily find us. Before the service starts we take our little cup of bread up to the table and the boys just place it on one of the trays. We are still a little concerned about cross contamination, so my husband or I open the cup and dump the bread into her hand. For the most part this has worked out well. I've read that some Celiac's just keep a small piece of bread in a sandwich baggie smashed into their scriptures and pull it out when the sacrament is passed. But I feel it is an important part of the process to have the bread on the tray to be blessed and passed.

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  1. I hope you don't mind me sharing our experience with you even though you don't know us. We send a 1/4 piece of bread to chuch in a baggie with a sample cup (from Costco) in it. The Priests open the bag break the bread into the cup, THEN break the other bread so that there is no cross contamination. It has worked well for us.